Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A Year in Paradise

New baby...
Medical school...
Doctorate degree...
Move to the Caribbean...

To see what Dominica is like...
Sure, why not?

This story really goes back a year ago to November 2014. Zach had completed his secondary applications for medical school. We decided there wasn't a better time to start a family than now. I had a great job, Zach was finishing his MPH, I was in my first year of my PhD program, things couldn't have been better! So one thing led to another and here we are one year later!

No really- this is where we live! We relocated to Picard, Dominica for Zach's first year and a half of school after which we will transfer back to the US of A for his clinical rotations and testing. Cyrus and I just joined him on November 8. What a reunion that was!

Cy really loves being an island baby so far! Our first night here we went to the beach; less than a 10 minute walk from home. Cyrus loved feeling the ocean on his feet! That is, until a big wave went up his nose! That was the end of our beach time for the night. 

 Cyrus LOVES his dad! They are best buds. I don't know how Zach survived without seeing this little guy for 7 whole weeks! Thank goodness for FaceTime. 

We were unable to fly to Dominica on the first try, the weather was bad, and the runway was dark. So, we turned the plane around and went to Guadalupe, a neighboring island. Then after refueling, we went back to Puerto Rico. Grandpa Warner traveled with us, he was a total lifesaver! In honor of Cy's first and second trip to Puerto Rico Gpa got him this cute onsie!

 We did some other fun things this year before Zach left for school in August....

Zach graduated with his MPH! He was in the top 10% of his class and earned a certificate in Global Health through his two study abroad trips (and some other classes, too) to Ghana and Armenia! Woop!

We found out we were having a baby boy! And then..

(This cake by my sister-in-law Megan Warner tasted even better than it looks... if that's possible)

I had three...I know THREE... baby showers for little Cyrus! Huge thank you to my amazing Warner cousins, my mom, and my colleagues/bosses at Huntsman Cancer Institute for hosting. 
I've never felt so much love. 

Let's just say that little Cy was already a ladies man before he even got here!

And speaking of him getting here...

Mom & Dad came to the hospital as soon as they found out I was admitted. 
Dad was rocking his Solitaire game. Mom was awesome support the whole time! Zach's amazing parents also came to meet their new grandbaby. We are spoiled by having the best parents!

My doctor was SO great, and so were the other physicians and hospital staff. Everyone at the hospital knew who I was before they met me. Apparently word traveled pretty quickly about the lady who's husband was away for medical school, but was FaceTiming for the birth of their first baby. Zach rocked it. I honestly felt like he was right there with me the whole time. Which was due in large part to...

My two AMAZING sister in laws, Misty & Britney who were my best cheerleaders through the whole entire process! That was no small feat either, being that I was admitted at 8:30pm on Tuesday night and Cy didn't make his debut until 6:00pm on Wednesday! 

Don't worry though, we had a ton of fun during that long day! 
Misty took tons of pictures and Britney held the iPad for Zach during the birth and after. They've both been my biggest supporters from the moment Cyrus was born until we left Utah. 
Let's just say, he really misses his other moms, and so do I. 

I had the best epidural, I was able to be very mobile and was hardly in any pain at all. I blame my anesthesiologist. She was, hands down, one of the most competent and kind health care providers I've ever interacted with. 

And because the whole entire day of labor was made easier by my epidural...

it was basically a big party with all of my favorite people.

Including this one...

Welcome to the world baby Cyrus Danial Warner!
Cyrus was born on his due date, September 16, 2015 at 5:57 pm in Salt Lake City, Utah at the University of Utah Hospital. Cyrus weighed 8 lbs 1.5 oz and was 20 inches long. 

Cyrus is named after his 5x great-grandpa on the Warner side who was a baptist preacher in Massachusetts. He is named Danial in remembrance of his Uncle Danial Warner. I hope you grow up to be as loving and joyful as Uncle D.

He is perfect. 

One month old, and curious as can be!

And some more pictures... 

because I am his mom... 

and, if I'm not mistaken I think moms are allowed to have picture overloads of their kids. :) 

Before we left Utah, Cyrus spent all of his time being held and loved by many more family members and friends than I can ever post here. We are sending all of our love and thanks to all of you! Here are a couple of my favorite pictures...

Cheering on the Utes with Uncle Les!

Halloween with your buddies Ava and Batman (aka Easton). 

Grandma Kathryn Walker

Grandma Etta Mecham

Grandpa Alan Walker

Grandma Debra Walker

Grandpa Claude Warner

Grandma Kathrine Warner

And for everyone who thinks Cy looks just like his Dad...

You're kinda right... except for this

If only I had some baby pictures of Zach to compare... Maybe that will be for next time.

Until then, this is me looking for you to come visit us on the island!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Wintery Diatribe

I can't believe it is February already! This year is already flying by!

Superbowl Sunday tomorrow? Yes please! We are huge football fans at our house :) Here's a shoutout to all of our former U of U players in the big game tomorrow! May the odds be ever in your favor!

If you've never "rushed the field" after a great game- well friends, you simply haven't lived! 
Besides, who doesn't want to be a part of this craziness! Even if it means you have to beat BYU three times in one night ;) 

Other things we've been up to lately-

I passed my Comprehensive Exam, which means I can finally finish my master's degree this May. Woot! Little pat on the back for this girl. 

We recently went to a unveiling of Sandboxr, a dream our good friend Berk Frie has made into a reality. We are so excited for him!
P.S. We also got to meet his adorable girlfriend. What a perfect night!

We have also enjoyed a few days of sunshine this week! What a respite from the dreary inversion that has plagued us for the last few months. 

 Ugh. I hate this city in the winter. Litteraly- I dread it! I am beginning to think I should buy a mini shovel to keep in my car as I have to dig myself out before I can go home from work everytime it snows!

Well! That's the latest around the Warner house!
We are doing great and looking forward to some exciting adventures once the weather warms up! 
In the meantime, we will be sneaking away to St. George as often as possible to defrost!

Monday, January 7, 2013

School is for Fools

Well, the holidays are over friends. It's back to school for me, with my new highlighters, sharpened pencils, and freshly cleaned satchel (or satchuel as Lisa would call it). As long as I can remember I have loved going to school. It is the one thing in life that I KNOW I am good at! So, for as long as I can make myself, I will continue to go to school. Part of me realizes that it is a bit cowardly to continue my education, because it is "safe". I know how to earn A's, I know what it means to spend hours reading and studying literature. I enjoy working through statistics- it's like a puzzle! (which I also enjoy, by the way)

To put it all out there- I am a bona fied N.E.R.D. 

Yet, is being a nerd really all that bad of a thing? I mean, sure I may not have quite the extravagant social life, and the majority of my evenings are spent curled up with a good book- so what if it's Biostatistics 101- I can't tell you the number of papers I've written, nor the pounds of scratch paper I've recycled ( A LOT!). 

Let's be honest here, not everyone loves this life, and many don't understand the thrill of it. 

Nonetheless, here I am. Sitting at my MacBook; already checked my classes at least 7 times today to make sure I hadn't missed any announcements (don't worry I've also checked the syllabus twice), and class doesn't start until Wednesday for me. The fact that I'm a little jealous my hubby started class again this morning should solidify any doubts some of you had about me not having a single "cool" bone in my body! 

For me, education is learning, learning is knowledge and knowledge is everything. The world is vastly undiscovered. History class is like my favorite story book, music and art transform my emotions into a different dimension, science fascinates me with new advances in technique and technologies every single day! Think of the progression that has been made in the last 100 years, the last 50, heck think of how much has changed in the last 5 years! All that is exemplar of this life exists because of learning, discovery, and perseverance. I believe education nurtures creativity and enables this progression. My classes are not just about learning the art of public health and health promotion, their sole purpose isn't to increase my net worth. There is more to it than understanding infectious disease and knowing how to use statistical software. It is about broadening my horizons, expanding my perception of the topic matter, and includes the art of thinking, problem solving, and collaboration. 

Because I am not a master at the art of diction, and I am a huge fan of quotes, I'll let these exemplar minds reiterate my thoughts: 

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" 
Nelson Mandela

"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire" 
William Butler Yeats

"Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your
temper or your self-confidence" 
Robert Frost

"It is the mark of an educated mind to entertain a thought without accepting it" 

And honestly, if you don't know of these prodigious men, pull yourself out of the hole and Google it. Seriously. 

Oh and read a book.