Thursday, December 27, 2012

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas & Brother's on the side!

I realize it's December 27, and I have already posted about Christmas once. However, it's such a great time of year, and my Christmas decorations (including the tree) are still up. So I officially declaring it still Christmas time! 

I have a really great family, and we are all quite close. For Christmas this year, Zach & I spent the holiday at my older brother Rhett's house with his wife and two cute chilluns. I must say- I've never seen a 1 year old so excited about a race car in. my. life. 

Another high point of the weekend? We were able to chat with my younger (I typed 'little' and realized he is definitely not 'little' anymore) brother Lance who is currently serving on an LDS mission in Indiana. It is always great to hear his voice- can't believe he is over half way done and will be spending the Holidays back home with the rest of us next year! 

This is Lance and Rhett, notice the red & black color scheme... U-Tah Man am I!!!!!! Go Utes!

Lance ran track & cross country in high school- perfect way to warm him up for running a marathon when he gets home if you ask me! 

Love this pic of Lance and the girls- They always have so much fun with him!

 Here is a more recent pic- what a studly guy- right? 
 And doing what they love most of all.... Tiny Wings!!! If you haven't played this game- it is a must! Seriously- don't wait. Start the download now! Available on the App Store- Thank you again Apple! 

Now- just to make sure we are clear on things. Lance & I are the two youngest in a family of 6 kids. There are ten years between me and my next oldest brother- Rhett (pictured above). So we kinda grew up on our own, and are pretty much best friends. Lance is a total pain. Like pull your hair, chase you with worms and spiders kind of pain. Oh not to mention fart-in-front-of-your-boyfriend kind of pain. I think you get it. But... He is one of the kindest and most selfless guys I know. He'll make a great father and husband someday- until then, I must practice my Tiny Wings and keep up my training so he will not beat me at either once he gets home! Trust me- I need the extra practice time! 

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