Monday, December 10, 2012

The pharmacy

As long as I can remember I have been plagued with these really annoying miniature blister-skin outbreaks on my right hand. Gross, I know. Anyway I have come to the non-medical-professional opinion that I am either allergic to tomatoes or garlic, both of which are dear to my heart. Hence, I am likely to never stop eating either of them and will continue to get annoying minautre blister outbreaks. 

Thank goodness I have awesome people in my life who can help me out with this predicament. Once again, Dad Warner came to the rescue, easing my fears that I had come down with a severe case of something anthrax-level-of-scariness. I thought about posting a picture, and then realized I do actually want people to keep reading my posts and talked myself out of it. 

But....this story does have a point. 

My history of filling perscriptions is slightly more than non-existant, in other words, I am no pro. However, I do have a bit of experience with customer service, and well, manners in general.  I have been that person who works 12-14 hour shifts during the holidays (not to mention going to school full-time simultaneously). My share of customer experiences are plentiful in the that-crazy-lady-just-yelled-at-me-and-I-just-smiled-and-said-is-there-anything-else-ma'am kind of way. So, when I come to the pharmacy during finals week, after a long day at work, with the annoying minautre blister syndrome on my hand, I actually do expect you to be able to hand me my perscription after you billed my insurance, pay the correct amount, return my debt AND insurance card, and close the projectile mailbox thingy so I can manuever the drive through without scratching the entire side of my car. Yes. That is what I expect. And if you can manage to meet about 75% of those expectations, I'll leave with a smile on my face, and I'll probably even fill out your customer service survey (even though I'll never use the blasted 10% off coupon or win the $500 shopping spree) because I get that your job and salary rely on the ambiguous results of those surveys. However, after waiting for 15 minutes with my car turned off (go-green people, global warming isn't a conspiracy) in the 22 degree snowy outdoors you can expect me to be a little annoyed when you ask me to pay +$110 for a perscription, for which I have to remind you to bill my insurance for (isn't that your job???). And yes, after the 4th time of telling you my name and birthdate, I AM SURE I was born on March 7, 1990 and my name is Echo Warner (not to mention, this is the only pharmacy I have used since I've been Echo Warner and you've had my insurance on file for at least a year and a half). Don't mind my glare as I watch you sit and chat and giggle with your girlfriend for a few minutes everytime you hang up the two way microphone, this isn't afterall a one sided mirror-it's a window and I can see you roll your eyes at me. Don't worry princess, there is a highly statistically significant chance (p<0.001) that I will not be needing your services in the future. 

Alright, feeling much better now. And yes, after all of that it was definitely worth it- those darned miniature blisters are seeing what's up now!

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  1. Greatest diatribe I've heard (read actually) in awhile! You go girl!!! Next time turn your little cell phone on video camera and record the entire episode so you can share it with her supervisor! :) No need. You are the bigger person, even if you are so small.